Ozora Pork-shabu and Chinese Yam

Ozora pork-shabu and Chinese yam

Memanbetsu-cho in which Memanbetsu Airport serves as the air gateway of Okhotsk and Higashimokoto-mura which is famous shibazakura merged and became “Ozora-cho.” Local dishes have been created to let “Ozora-cho” known for its blessings of the clear sky and the fertile land. “Ozora pork-shabu and nagaimo (Chinese yam) bowl” has been created by using Memanbetsu pork and nagaimo from Higashimokoto.

Each restaurant serves the bowl with their original sauce! It’s fun to visit 8 restaurants and compare 8 different tastes. Please try the new local dish from Ozora-cho. (It’s introduced in a tourist information magazine, Hokkaido Jaran!)

“10 Rules” of Ozora Pork-shabu and Nagaimo Bowl

1. Use pork produced in Ozora-cho (thin-sliced shabushabu pork)

2. Use nagaimo produced in Ozora-cho (It’s up to each restaurant how to cut or grate nagaimo such as tsurara, mizore, or tororo.)

3. Use rice produced in Hokkaido (blend rice can be used.)

4. Use homemade original sauces.

5. Serve it in a bowl.

6. Serve it with freshwater-clam soup or lake smelt tsukudani (boiled in soy sauce).

7. Must use local vegetables of the season.

8. Price should be less than 1,000 yen.

9. Indicate the origins of ingredients on a menu.

10. Use an original place mat.

【Restaurants serving “Ozora pork-shabu and nagaimo bowl”】

(1) Sushi restaurant Toshi [Phone 0152-74-4114 Memanbetsu Nishi 2-jo 3-chome, Ozora-cho] Map

■Comment from the restaurant: “We serve pork and nagaimo separately so that you can enjoy the tastes of each. Sakura-pork loin is blanched and dressed in ginger soy and sesame sauce, and then it’s put on rice. Nagaimo is seasoned spicy hot, so please enjoy it like pickles.” — the owner, Satoshi Narita

■Sushi, set meals, and ramen – a restaurant with a wide range of meals

■Business hours 11:00 – 21:00 Closed on Wednesdays

(2) Kuidokoro Sushi Hikoya [Phone 0152-74-5311 Memanbetsu Nishi 2-jo 4-chome, Ozora-cho] Map

■Comment from the restaurant: “You can enjoy your own bowl by choosing how to eat nagaimo or what to eat with it. Our original sauce is simmered for 3 hours until it gets rich and used to season blanched sakura-pork thick in flavor. Try various combinations.” — the owner, Katsuhiko Sato

■Creative cuisine and sushi. Also try our specialty, a thick omelet.

■Business hours 11:30 – 14:00, 17:00 – 22:00 Closed on Sundays

(3) Tonchintei [Phone 0152-66-2008 Chuo-ku, Higashimokoto, Ozora-cho] Map

■Comment from the restaurant: “We put a twist to draw the distinctive features, the sticky texture and sweetness, of nagaimo produced in Higashimokoto. Nagaimo becomes sticker and sweeter when heated, so we warm it up by the residual heat of scrambled eggs and put it on rice. Enjoy the combination with locally produced pork. Our passion for shabushabu pork with your favorite sauces.” — the owner, Kouichiro Sekiya

■For lunch and dinner. Hearty meal and creative cuisine are popular.

■Business hours 11:00 – 22:00 Closed on Sundays

(4) Sasaki inn [Phone 0152-66-2011 102 Higashimokoto, Ozora-cho] Map

■Comment from the restaurant: “We use local “Nonkey” pork sauteed with sauce, and nagaimo is cut into thick strips and stir-fried. Nagaimo’s crisp texture remains, and the texture goes great with pork. Enjoy it with voluminous raw vegetables.” — the second-generation owner, Isao Sasaki

■ Famed for mountain vegetable dishes! You can also enjoy a stay with a Kaiseki-course style meal at reasonable price. The restaurant opens everyday.

■Business hours 11:00 – 21:00 Open everyday

(5) Yabusoba Nagashimaya [Phone 0152-74-2062 3-1-32, Memanbetsu Nishi 1-jo, Ozora-cho] Map

■Comment from the restaurant: “We participate in this project to let people know the taste of Sakura-pork we have purchased from a contracted farmer for twenty years. Thinly sliced pork loin is pan-fried to drew lightly burnt aroma, and flavored with kimchi-taste sauce made from a broth for soba soup. Sesami oil is used to add flavor of grated nagaimo, and the nagaimo blend in to the pork bowl well.” — the second-generation owner, Toshihiro Nagashima

■ Serves healthy Yabusoba mixed with chlorella, which is well known in Hokkaido, and a wide range of specialty dishes.

■Business hours 10:00 – 20:00 Closed on Sundays

(6) Yumoto Hotel Sansui [Phone 0152-74-2343 Memanbetsu-kohan 1-chome, Ozora-cho] Map

■Comment from the restaurant: “Sakura-pork loin is blanched and dressed with kudzu, so it becomes softer. Raw nagaimo is lightly mashed and is used to resemble drift ice on rice. Enjoy the nagaimo with pork flavored with our sauce in which vinegar and yuzu are added. It’s a nouvelle, warm and cold bowl.” — the head chef, Tadashi Sato

■You can enjoy free-flow natural hot spring. One day visit spa is also available.

■Business hours 11:00 – 14:00, 18:0 – 20:00 Open everyday

(7) Yakiniku (grilled meat) restaurant Rin [Phone 0152-74-2983 Memanbetsu Nishi 1-jo 5-chome, Ozora-cho] Map

■Comment from the restaurant: “Lean Sakura-pork back ribs, loin, and ham are mixed to make the great taste. Our original sauce is made of soy-sauce, miso, fruit vinegar, and starch syrup and boiled until it gets thick. Nagaimo has crisp texture and is sauteed with pork. Enjoy a pork bowl served by a meat shop” — the manager, Ryoko Kojima

■Very fresh! Both the taste and quality are good. Yakiniku restaurant owned by meat shop. Try Jingisukan.

■Business hours 11:00 – 15:00 Closed on Tuesdays *Also open from 17:00 to 21:30 without the local dishes

(8) Roadside Station antenna shop Honoka [Phone 0152-75-6160 96 Memanbetsushowa, Ozora-cho] Map

■Comment from the restaurant: “The sweet and hot sauce is made of soy-sauce, sweet cooking rice wine, and sugar; it’s boiled for 3 days. Lightly blanched Sakura-pork is dressed with this sauce and put on rice. Nagaimo is flavored to match up with the pork, and a half-boiled egg on top makes our bowl different from others. Please come and enjoy it.” — the manager, Shigeyuki Fukuda

■An antenna shop of the town where you can buy local produce all seasons. Pork on a stick is also the specialty of summer.

■Business hours 9:00 – 18:00 Open everyday

* Please ask each restaurant for details about “Ozora pork-shabu and nagaimo bowl.”

Inquiry about Ozora local dishes

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