Lake Abashiri-ko Memanbetsu-kohan is located in Abashiri Quasi-National Park and is selected as one of the best 100 views in Hokkaido for its beauty and rich nature. You can enjoy the blessings all seasons, and it’s the best place for strolling and enjoying activities of the season. After playing until you get tired, visit hot springs on the lakefront.

After long winter, the coming of spring in the east Okhotsk infuses new life into wild plants.
Please take a walk on the lakefront when the snow melts. In the nation’s largest “Memanbetsu hygrophyte community,” white arums community and many other hygrophyte can be observed.
The best season to visit the white arum community is from late April to early May. The spring lakefront is a wonderful place for strolling.

Greenery on the lakefront shines in summer. Gray herons make colonies, and kingfishers fly over the water.
The campsite and a ground are best places to spend relaxing summer nights. You can enjoy freshwater-clam gathering in the shallow water, and the lake bustles with canoes and yachts.
The major event of summer “Memanbetsu Sightseeing Summer Festival” has unique events such as waterfront fireworks and the dragon boat competition.

After the short summer passing by, the lakefront is painted in the autumn color. It’s a season for Shirauo (Japanese icefish) catching.
Japanese icefish caught in Lake Abashiri-ko are of particular value and have a delicate taste. You can enjoy raw icefish with grated ginger and a quail egg, or fried icefish. It’s a specialty of the season.
In the late autumn, you can see swans resting their wings at the lakefront. It’s a beautiful scenery before winter.

In the harsh, cold winter, Lake Abashiri-ko is covered with ice. Under the ice, lake smelts swim actively. From early January to late March, you can enjoy ” Wakasagi (lake smelt) fishing” on ice. It’s wonderful to fish wakasagi under the clear sky and have wakasagi tempura on site. Please come and try it.
Car brake tests are also done on the frozen Lake Abashiri-ko.

— Lake Abashiri-ko trivia —
Lake Abashiri-ko is a particular kind of lake which has two layers. It’s connected to the Sea of Okhotsk via Abashiri River. Depending on the tides of the lake, it has inflows of seawater and river water. Since the specific gravity is different between seawater and river water, they do not mix and make two layers, freshwater on the upper layer and saltwater on the lower. Currently the boundary is at a depth of 7 meters. This type of lakes are called “brackish lakes.”

■Memanbetsu-kohan Park Campsite / Ground
The campsite and a ground at Memanbetsu-kohan Park is open between July and September. It’s the best place to relax and take a look at peaceful scenery. You can also enjoy BBQ, strolling, or water activities.
Reception is in “Tourist information center” across from the campsite.

Memanbetsu-kohan Park Campsite

Ground Open July to September


Memanbetsu-kohan Park Campsite
●staying overnight (a 50 yen group discount for 20 or more people)
Adult      300 yen
Elementary school children and younger 200 yen


Memanbetsu-kohan Park Campsite
300 tents
Restrooms, water, and a kitchen are available.

50 tents
Restrooms, water, and a kitchen are available.


Memanbetsu-kohan Park Campsite
250 cars

20 cars


Memanbetsu-kohan Park Campsite
not available



Ozora-cho government Industry section
Tourist Information Center (Open from July to September)

Postal Code:
Memanbetsu-kohan, Ozora-cho, Abashiri-gun, Hokkaido
Hours of Operation:
Ground Open July to September