Asahigaoka Park

Asahigaoka Park

“Asahigaoka Park” is located on a hill in Memanbetsu area, and it’s the best place to have a glorious, 360-degree panoramic view of Lake Abashiri-ko to Mt. Shari and the Shiretoko mountain range. From the observation deck, you can feel a brisk wind from Okhotsk.
From summer to autumn, the observation deck is surrounded by sunflowers that brighten up the area.
In the park, there is a park-golf field and a stable, so it’s a great recreation place.

■Stable for Yumego

Asahi area is the shooting place of the movie “Yume (Dreams)” directed by Akira Kurosawa. After Mr. Kurosawa passed away, the bereaved family donated his favorite horse “Yumego” to the town. Yumego spent the rest of his life in the nature of Ozora-cho, and he died quietly in the early morning of March 19, 2009.

Horse’s Name: Yumego (known as BUCK)
Date of Birth: in 1976 (died at the age of 33)
Breed: American quarter horse (male)
Country of Origin: the United States of America
The late Akira Kurosawa’s beloved horse, known for his roles in the movie “Kagemusha” (released in 1980) and “Ran” (released in 1985).

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Memanbetsuasahi, Ozora-cho, Abashiri-gun, Hokkaido