Freshwater clam gathering

You can enjoy a feature of summer in Lake Abashiri-ko Memanbetsu-kohan, “Freshwater clam gathering,” at the shore in front of the campsite. Buy a specified bag for gathering and fill it up...

Where to Stay

Small inn in a field

The Small Inn in a Field used to be a farm and was remodeled. In the movie “Yume” directed by Akira Kurosawa, the shooting took place at “Yume-batake (dream field)” in Asahigao...

What to See

Asahigaoka Park

“Asahigaoka Park” is located on a hill in Memanbetsu area, and it’s the best place to have a glorious, 360-degree panoramic view of Lake Abashiri-ko to Mt. Shari and the Shiretoko mo...

What to Eat


“Shijimi (freshwater clam) ramen” is made with fleshy freshwater-clams gathered in Lake Abashiri-ko and locally grown ingredients. The soup full of umami is lightly flavored and tastes exc...


Sugano confectionery shop

There are many famous confections created with the quality water under the clear sky of Higashimokoto. Enjoy “Cheese-kozo (azuki-paste and cheese pie),” “Nacchan (lightly sweetened s...

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Upcoming Events

Mt. Mokoto Fukioroshi Marathon

●Registration: Ozora-cho Higashimokoto B & G Marine Center  Phone / Fax: 0152-66-2741 ●Organizer: Ozora-cho school board continuing education division  Phone: 0152-66-2805 【Date】 October 28 (Sun.)...

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