Freshwater clam gathering

You can enjoy a feature of summer in Lake Abashiri-ko Memanbetsu-kohan, “Freshwater clam gathering,” at the shore in front of the campsite. Buy a specified bag for gathering and fill it up...

Where to Stay

Sasaki hotel

This nationally famed restaurant known for its specialty dishes using mountain vegetables in Higashimokoto has been introduced in media such as TV programs. It serves proud dishes using mountain veget...

What to See

Mt. Mokoto

  As one of the nationwide “100 selected Treasures of Nature,” Mt. Mokoto appears splendid. The view from its top is breathtaking, and it’s a prime location overlooking Lake Kussharo...

What to Eat

Yakiniku (BBQ) restaurant Rin

Four kinds of Ramen with local ingredients: Wakasagi (surf smelt) soy-sauce ramen, Ebi (shrimp) salt ramen, Tomato curry ramen, and Freshwater clam miso ramen The soups for each taste are lightly flav...


Wakasagi tsukudani (surf smelt in soy sauce)

Fresh and fatty wakasagi (surf smelt), which grow freely under the ice of Lake Abashiri-ko during winter, are cooked for tsukudani (boiled in soy sauce) using a special formula. It’s gently swee...

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Upcoming Events

Furusato Festival

【Date】 August 26 (Sun.), 2012 【Location】 Higashimokoto Cheese no Sato Fureai Park 【About the Event】 Nonkey Land Furusato (hometown) Festival celebrates the summer in Higashimokoto. The main event of t...

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